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Heart Your

We are ambassadors of health and happiness. Making a difference by inspiring people to live healthily.

 Heart Your was created to inspire people to a healthy, fit & vegan life. Nowadays, it seems like more health problems have been emerging because of pollution, unbalanced hormones, and bacteria. We focus on sustainable, eco-friendly, organic products that benefit everyone and all communities. We are selling our products on Amazon US and plan to bring them to Amazon UK later in 2017.

Heart Your Community

Heart Your Ltd was built in order to give back. We do this through company charity donations, sourcing products that directly benefit small communities and performing charitable activities.


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Inspired by the great leaders of the world

Inspired by the great leaders of the world, whether business, political or religious we at Heart Your want to be a force for good and to be part of the solution to the world’s problems and inspire others to be a force for good. We are inspired to be better than we were yesterday and to constantly strive for improvement in our services and how we can help and serve others. Our background has not stopped us, and now in fact inspires us to be able to help and inspire others who don’t think they can or who, like us, strive for better.

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We believe businesses have a great responsibility to lead and be part of the solution, not the cause or rather part of the problem. We are proud to have a global workforce that supports our business to be the best it can be and in return we support them to learn, grow and develop. We believe in making a difference that enhances people’s lives, from charitable projects helping communities to making someone’s day through providing great customer service. We want to be a leader in what we stand for.
If you have any questions or comments regarding our values and products, please get in touch